The Stolen Youth of Greta Thunberg

I spent than 30 years working with teenagers.  I love high school kids and all their growing pains that minute by minute governs their lives. I love highflyers, but no more than the kids who battle to reach graduation.

I don’t like what I see happening to eco-wunderkind Greta Thunberg, and I wonder, is she being manipulated? Children don’t see through the manipulation. Ask pedophiles. 

I don’t disagree with Greta’s message. I disagree with the eco-forces using her blonde innocence to promote their message. In all her time on the world stage, has not someone asked, how did she get there? Who is the puppeteer?

I know nothing of her parents except that they do not seem to possess the ability to tell Greta, “Not yet. Be a child a while more.” And that bothers me.

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  1. I did not understand the word “pedophiles” (English barrier) then I googled it. Then, I laughed…haha
    What a clever point~ “Children don’t see through the manipulation. Ask pedophiles.”


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