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Tag: Civil War

Hallowed Ground

The excerpted letter below, and the attached picture , should remind us not to forget the veterans of our nation’s most brutal war. The Civil War cost the country 620,000 dead as many as all other wars combined. Astoundingly this was 2% of the entire population of the United States. One if four who went to war did not return to their families.  The letter is from Jim Lighthizer, President of the American Battlefield Trust. I am a member, I donate as I can to preserved this HALLOWED GROUND.  Today… Read more Hallowed Ground

The Nation’s Redheaded StepChild?

I live and write in a 55-and-over retirement community in Cornelius, NC. Recently, I was invited to join a discussion group with other community neighbors. I am pretty sure that I am the token conservative! That’s just fine with me, because that is a role, as a retired professor, I am intimately familiar with.  I also am the token Southerner! Imagine that. In Cornelius, North Carolina. Seems we are being overrun by Yankees, who have moved south to be with their grandchildren. Actually, they are indentured servants of their children so they… Read more The Nation’s Redheaded StepChild?