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Have you seen this Facebook post or something like it? How true is it? Below, I pose some typical questions about the law and provide answers from my experiences as a high school principal of a dozen years, and as a professor of school law for thirteen. I have tried to provide a balanced set of questions – they are all questions based on real experiences – most of them mine!  I know many of the answers may not make many of the readers happy. Still, the responses are not… Read more MUSLIMS ALLOWED TO PRAY IN SCHOOLS, BUT CHRISTIANS AREN’T

Country-bred Commonsense

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. We didn’t wash each other’s feet, but we did do the whole dunking routine.  In retrospect, the Methodists, down the street, were much more for civilized with their sprinkling! Not ones symbolism, we went for the full-contact baptism. Our family was the poster family for being in church anytime the doors were open. Sunday. Wednesday. Budget meetings. Funerals. And, especially revivals. That all said, my parents (to my everlasting thankfulness) kept their country-bred common sense.  Growing up in south Alabama, Baptists railed against… Read more Country-bred Commonsense