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Tag: Opinions

We Are in The Age of Dogma

One person shares an opinion with others and perhaps it is a legitimate idea. If that opinion becomes held as a good and true belief by a group, and the group codifies it, it becomes doctrine.  If the group accepts that doctrine as the authority, it becomes dogma. Republican dogma. Democrat dogma. NRA dogma. Islamic dogma. Christian right dogma. Christian left dogma. Jewish dogma. Palestinian dogma. Politically correct dogma. Capitalist dogma. Socialist dogma.  Gun control dogma. Abortion dogma. We are in the age of dogma, and it seems that truth is merely a… Read more We Are in The Age of Dogma

The Nation’s Redheaded StepChild?

I live and write in a 55-and-over retirement community in Cornelius, NC. Recently, I was invited to join a discussion group with other community neighbors. I am pretty sure that I am the token conservative! That’s just fine with me, because that is a role, as a retired professor, I am intimately familiar with.  I also am the token Southerner! Imagine that. In Cornelius, North Carolina. Seems we are being overrun by Yankees, who have moved south to be with their grandchildren. Actually, they are indentured servants of their children so they… Read more The Nation’s Redheaded StepChild?

The Fetus and the Honey Bee

Perhaps you saw this headline last week: The Bee Is Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet by the Science Times ( My Southern mind’s first thought was, How nice, which is a euphemism for bless your heart to all you folks at the Science Times. I do really like bees, and I agree that they are really one of the most important species in our world. Then my Southern mind’s conservative thinking frontal lobe took over, and I asked myself, Really?  Which is a euphemism for “What the …?”  Although, I try to use scientific reasoning in most… Read more The Fetus and the Honey Bee

25 Things Parents Would like School People to Know

Are you a parent who dreads talking with a teacher about your child?Or are you a teacher who dreads talking with a parent about a child. this blog is for you! I used my almost thirty years of dealing with both, and I composed the list below hopefully to make the whole process much easier My child is not a number, a score, or a statistic. I want a great education for my child even if I did not care about it when I was in school. I trust you… Read more 25 Things Parents Would like School People to Know