The Fetus and the Honey Bee

Perhaps you saw this headline last week: The Bee Is Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet by the Science Times (

My Southern mind’s first thought was, How nice, which is a euphemism for bless your heart to all you folks at the Science Times.

I do really like bees, and I agree that they are really one of the most important species in our world.

Then my Southern mind’s conservative thinking frontal lobe took over, and I asked myself, Really?  Which is a euphemism for “What the …?” 

Although, I try to use scientific reasoning in most areas of my life, and to keep my faith at the same time, I was flummoxed by this announcement. Was this another ploy by the ultra-liberals to diminish the importance of humanity?

I find it interesting that these days, we routinely talk about going to Mars in order to guarantee the survival of our species, and no one even laughs at the idea.

 I wonder. Could a honeybee do that?

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