The Rest of The Story

Almost two weeks ago, I got a message from a dear friend asking if I would be willing to adopt her precious nine-year-old Brittany, Chloe. She and her husband experiencing life’s difficulties where they just could not give Chloe the attention and love she had always known. No need for the reasons – they are reasons that will affect most of us.


After we filled out an application to potentially acquire Boomer – we had to demonstrate some high standards of dog care and love and then meet with the breeders and the puppy to see if we all were a good fit. On a Sunday afternoon, we all met at a local dog park. We hit it off with the husband and wife breeders – and then we met a skinny orange and white six-month-old Brittany-ball-of-fire. I was only later that we named him, Boomer!


I had come to know the wife through my FB stories about Boomer, and she knew that Sandy and I would be hard-pressed not to accept another Brittany into our family. So, we met Chloe and her human mother on Labor Day and fell into Brittany-love all over again!

Chloe and Boomer are so much alike that Sandy and mistake them for each other about twice a day. They even behave alike. They walk alike. They stand alike. Sometimes it is just uncanny.

NOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY  … We have wondered if they remembered each other, and we are not ruling that out for you see, Boomer spent the first six months of his life around Chloe because …

… Chloe is Boomer’s MOTHER!

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