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Stealing Apples

  I wrote this story some years ago at the death of our black Labrador, Kentucky Coal Dust. Since the fateful day of his death, my wife, Sandy, and I talk about Coal almost every day. Such is the impact of precious canine family members. When Coal left us, he left us with many lessons over his ten years. However, I want to focus on his very last day on earth, so on with the story Coal was lovable, perennially a puppy as Labs tend to be even well into old age,… Read more Stealing Apples

Commonsense and Common Courage

 It was 1963. I was 16 and a sophomore trying to make the Semmes High School baseball team. Ronnie Flippo, last year’s starting catcher, decided that he was not going to play his senior season. That left the team with no catchers – experienced or otherwise. None. Zip. Zero. I had played catcher a few times in middle school. Coach Mosely asked if anybody had played the position before, I raised my hand, and as they say, the rest is history! My first game as a varsity catcher was against… Read more Commonsense and Common Courage

The Rest of The Story

Almost two weeks ago, I got a message from a dear friend asking if I would be willing to adopt her precious nine-year-old Brittany, Chloe. She and her husband experiencing life’s difficulties where they just could not give Chloe the attention and love she had always known. No need for the reasons – they are reasons that will affect most of us. LET’S JUMP BACK FIVE YEARS IN THIS STORY. After we filled out an application to potentially acquire Boomer – we had to demonstrate some high standards of dog… Read more The Rest of The Story