Everyday Angels

Remember the song, “Angels Among Us” by Alabama? I have thought a lot about it over the last few days. Most of you know that we were asked by our friend, and the breeder from whom we got Boomer, if we would adopt Boomer’s mother, Chloe. It was Labor Day when Dawn brought her canine-daughter, Chloe, over to meet her new family. To this day, Sandy and I talk how about we don’t know how Dawn was able to let Chloe go. 

Sandy has never had a pup who would, at every opportunity, jump up into her lap just to snuggle! All our dogs have been boys. All were too big to cuddle except our first Brittany, Boomer, and he early-on declared that he was “Dad’s dog.”  Something about that alpha-male pheromones, I guess.

Boomer and Chloe

Since Labor Day, a little Brittany has filled our house with joy, smiles, laughs, and lots and lots of snuggles. Even I get a cuddle every so often when Chloe hops up in my lap and ducks her head under my chin. I call this chin-sugar! Well… what would you call it?

Boomer early on declared himself “my dog” – not quite the angel that is his mother, Chloe, but like all canines, one of the Almighty’s most thoughtful creations.

If you ever wonder if there “really are” angels among us, find a big or small, wet-tonged, four-legged wonder. Plop down on the floor or sofa and enjoy the love that these everyday-angels deliver without a thought of anything except to love and be loved in return.  If that is not God-like, I have no idea of what is?

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