Moment in Time


By Mickey Dunaway | Reprinted with Permission by Limitless Magazine | Cornelius, NC

Given that February is the month of love, and in keeping with my somewhat offbeat approach to the events included in this column, I am going in the opposite direction.  This month’s Moment in Time will focus on little known and/or significant battles that took place in February.  I might even throw in a February divorce or two! 


(Information on Battles was taken from and other online sources.)

1, 1662Chinese pirate Koxinga seizes Taiwan after nine-month siegeI never knew the China and Taiwan issue went so far back.
2, 1943Last German forces surrender to Soviet Army at the Battle of StalingradThe Russian winter claims another megalomanic bent on dominating the world. 
3, 1943U.S. Captures the Marshall Islands in WWIIThe Marshall Islands had been occupied by Japan since the start of WWI.  U.S. troops landed on January 31st and took control on February 3rd.
4, 1985George Foreman divorces Andrea Skeet after 3 yearsMaybe she didn’t appreciate his grill. Maybe she was right.
5, 1945Gen. MacArthur fulfils promise and returns to ManilaMacArthur understood the far east better than any other American which made him perfect to manage Japan after the surrender.
5, 1958Hydrogen bomb was lost by U.S. Air Force off coast of Savannah, GA and never recoveredNC had similar incident. On January 23, 1961, the Air Force accidentally dropped two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs over Goldsboro, North Carolina. Had the last fail-safe mechanism not worked, much of the east coast have been wiped out.
9, 1965First U.S. combat troops sent to South VietnamThe emotionally moving Vietnam Memorial is worth a visit to D.C. My wife and I both have friend’s names on that polished black wall.
10, 1258Mongols swamped Bagdad and burned it to the groundIt was captured by Hulagu Khan a grandson of Genghis Khan. As many as 800,000 people were killed 
11, 1943Gen. Dwight Eisenhower made Supreme Commander of armies in EuropeControversial at first because several Brits were ranked higher and had more battle experience
14, 1919Einstein divorced Mileva Maric after 16 years of marriage Perhaps he could see the relativity of their marriage.  Sorry. Couldn’t resist
14. 1989Robin Givens divorces Mike TysonTyson’s first time being knocked out?
14, 1999Singer Prince divorces belly dancer Mayte Garcia after 2 yearsI didn’t delve into why, but maybe she just didn’t move him anymore! Sorry again
17, 1865Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman marched north from Savannah, and Union troops burn Columbia, SC in much the same manner and reasons as Atlanta.Charleston thought that Sherman would march up from Savanah and lay waste to city. Sherman chose Columbia because he had an affinity for Charleston having served at Fort Moultry in the 1840s
18, 1932Japan declares Manchuria independent from ChinaJapan’s war in Manchuria was one of the most brutal in history
19, 1915Battle of Gallipoli beganGreat Britain lost 115,000 troops. Most were under the command of Winston Churchill. Yet he recovered politically to lead England as only he could to victory in WWII
23, 1836A 13-day siege of the Alamo begins in San Antonio. First time I saw the Alamo up close, I was disappointed that it was in downtown San Antonio!
23, 1945Perhaps most iconic war was photo taken when a group of Marines reach the peak of Mt. Suribachi and are posed raising the American flag signifying victory.27,071 total casualties6,821 Marines killed539 Navy sailors killed19,709 wounded137 tanks destroyed153 airplanes destroyed
25, 1921Democratic Republic of Georgia was re-occupied by Soviet Russia after the DRG declared its independence in May 1918 following the Russian Revolution.A familiar refrain
29, 1704French forces and Native Americans destroy Deerfield, Massachusetts, killing 100 men, women, and children. Known as Queen Anne’s War.My history book in back in American History class at Semmes High School in Semmes, Alabama in 1964 called this the French and Indian Wars
War of the Roses?According to Texas Family Atttorney V.Wayne Ward (, A recent study confirmed the post-Valentine’s Day increase in divorce activity: February divorce filings are about 18 percent higher than those in an average month. This statistic becomes all the more remarkable when you consider that February is also the shortest month of the year.” 

There was never a good war. Or a bad peace.

-Benjamin Franklin

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