Who Knew?

By Mickey Dunaway

Are we in danger of another great depression? Nice going, Mr. Biden. Excellent economy you have going in your first year.

I am worried. Really worried. Not about finding Christmas presents, but about our country. As a lifelong Republican, I had high hopes for Joe Biden because I thought he was a genuinely good guy. I still want to think that, but I am not so sure at the moment that he is not being controlled by far left wing of his party. They are politicians who do not have a clue about how to run a country for the benefit of every citizen by creating an economy that benefits everyone willing to work and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

And he has a VP behind him who staged a promotional space exploration video using child actors featured as “students” in the clip. Oh yes, the video was produced by a company called Sinking Ship Entertainment. Geez, is that prophetic, or what!

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