The Month of September in History

By Mickey Dunaway | Reprinted with Permission by Limitless Magazine  | Cornelius, NC

NOTE FROM THE WRITER: You are not reading the same blog (MUSIC MY WAY, in three parts) I posted earlier. The “Month in History” blog is always a reprint of my monthly column in Limitless Magazine. It is true that I was on a bit of a music tear for a while as the intro to this month’s TMIH indicates. Anyway, how can one have too much music in one’s life? Well, I guess I could have too much opera, but thank goodness my lovely wife is not smitten by the dulcet tones of operatic mezzo-sopranos.


Asking a 74-year-old guy what he wants for Christmas usually gets a shrug and a “Damned if I know” response. When asked last Christmas, I finally came up with the idea of getting a turntable to play the 30 or so albums my wife and I have carted around to several states over the years since we abandoned the last turntable for a CD player. The idea of a new turntable evolved rather quickly into a new hobby of searching out places and adding LPs to the collection. With music on my mind these days—not that I am a musician by any stretch—it seemed like a good topic to look at musical events that have occurred in September.

Thanks to Wikipedia and ( for pointing me in the right direction on many of the events noted below. 


September 2, 1991Garth Brooks’ 3rd studio album, Ropin’ the Wind, debuted at number#1 on the Country and Pop Charts. Shameless (by Billy Joel) and What’s She Doin’ Now rose to #1, and Papa Loves Mama made it to #3.
September 3, 1942Sinatra started his solo singing career.I have never been a Sinatra fan. Am I by myself?
September 4, 1959Song Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin was banned by a radio station in NY, NY.My, how music has changed.
September 4, 1981George Strait released his first album, Strait Country. I came to admire George Strait when he skipped the Kentucky Derby one year because it was on his daughter’s first prom night.
September 6, 1968Eric Clapton recorded a guitar solo on the Beatles’While My Guitar Gently Weeps—written by George Harrison.George Harrison and Paul McCartney attended the same school in Liverpool and rode the bus together to school every day.
September 7, 1957Sam Cooke’s You Send Me was released.Cooke was shot and killed at a motel in Los Angeles at the age of 33. Another one-of-a-kind voice was lost tragically. 
September 9, 1956Elvis makes his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.The camera shot Elvis from waist up. 
September 11, 1847Oh! Susanna by Stephen Foster was performed for the first time.Foster’s My Old Kentucky Home and Suwanee River are the state songs of Kentucky and Florida.
September 12, 1996Tupac Shakur died after being shot four times in a Las Vegas drive-by.The murder has never been solved.
September 13, 19971973’s Candle in Wind by Elton John was re-released.As a tribute to Princess Diana.
September 14, 1741 George Handel wrote the “Messiah” for an orphan’s charity concert.  An Easter standard in Christian churches.
September 14, 1814 The lyrics to the Star-Bangled Banner were written by Francis Scott Key.It became the national anthem on March 3, 1931
September 15, 1930Indiana native-son Hoagy Carmichael recorded Georgia on My Mind.The state song of Georgia since 1922.
September 16, 1964Shindig!, a variety show focusing on rock, premiered on ABC. The acts included Sam Cooke, The Everly Brothers, The Righteous Brothers.
September 18,1969Tiny Tim announced his engagement to Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show.They tiptoed through the matrimonial tulips two months later—on The Tonight Show.
September 19, 1958Elvis joined his Army unit in GermanyThousands of teens were in mourning.
September 19, 1975Eric Clapton earned a gold record for I Shot the Sherriff. Written by Bob Marley.
September 20, 1973Jim Croce was killed in a plane crash on his way to a concert in Texas.Another unique talent lost to a plane crash.
September 22, 1985First Farm Aid Concertwas held in Champaign, IL. Organized by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp. $57 million raised since its beginning.
September 23, 1952Hank Williams recorded his last studio album.He died of a drug overdose on January 1, 1953, at age 29, on his way to a concert.
September 24, 1942Glenn Miller ended his U.S. broadcast contract so that he could go to WWII.December 15, 1944, Major Miller, without formal approval, caught a plane out of Bedfordshire, England, to Paris; the flight never arrived. 
September 25, 1975Jackie Wilson collapsed with a heart attack while playing Lonely Teardrops at the Latino Casino in NJ.Wilson was 41 and remained in care until he died in 1984 as the attack caused brain damage.
September 26, 1957The musical West Side Story opened on Broadway.Music by Leonard Bernstein with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 
September 26, 1984Prince released the song Purple Rain.A private individual with considerable breadth and depth of musical talents. 
September 27, 2004Phil Specter was charged with and later convicted of the murder of Lane Clarkson at his home in LA.Specter was perhaps best known for the Beach Boys’ “wall of sound” background music.
September 29, 1962My Fair Lady closed on Broadway after six and a half years.At that time, it held the record for the longest-running show.
September 30, 1791Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute, premiered in Vienna.Mozart died two month’s later. 

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” 

― Confucius

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