The Month of May in History

By Mickey Dunaway | Reprinted with Permission by Limitlesss Magazine | Cornelius, NC

A Month of Celebrations?

After more than a year of misery, it seemed May was just the right time for a little fun mingled with a bit of seriousness.  I combined both just as they hit my fancy and found them on National Day Calendar (

May 1st          National Homebrew Day 

My son recently lost an entire batch as he was readying to fill the bottles. It was so sad to see a grown man cry. 

May 2nd        National Lemonade Day 

The best lemonade in America is made at Toomers Corner in Auburn, Alabama, home to Auburn University. War Eagle!

May 4th         National Star Wars Day

Probably my favorite. “May the 4th be with you” will be repeated millions of times on this day. 

May 7th         National Packaging Design Day

Seems pretty obvious that someone from Amazon must have suggested this one.

May 9th         National Lost Sock Memorial Day

No. I have not forgotten Mothers Day.  However, should we not have a national day to mourn all the lost socks that are swirling around the Bermuda Triangles in our homes?

May 11th       National Twilight Zone Day

The Twilight Zone gets only one day? Come on! We just completed an entire year quarantined in the Twilight Zone.

May 12th       National Limerick Day

When a poem can begin with the words—There once was a man from Nantucket—the Limerick deserves a day!

May 14th       National Decency Day

Goodness knows we need to celebrate this day in the worst way. Contact someone with whom you have had a longstanding disagreement and ask their forgiveness, then forgive yourself.

May 20th      National Rescue Dog Day

How could I not include a day dedicated to rescuing canines? Want to meet an angel on earth? Adopt a dog—puppy or old dog—and be prepared for the joy of a companion who gives love unreservedly. As a recent adopter of an older dog (a nine-year-old Brittany), I strongly commend this option to you. Their time with you may be less, but their big love quickly makes up for it.

May 21st       National Memo Day

Whoever suggested giving the dreaded and usually useless memo its own day should be fired forthwith and with a memo!

May 24th      National Brother’s Day

I have had a brother in my life for 74+ years. Since he was four years older, we fought often growing up, but we also hunted and fished, and now in retirement, we mostly tell tall tales to each other several times each week.

May 25th      National Missing Children’s Day

I have this feeling that the Almighty, whether it is as a Him or Her or It, will judge us as a species on how we have treated children. However you perceive prayer, this day is a good day to pray for our world’s missing children.

May 26th      National Paper Airplane Day

I hope you have had the joy of making a paper airplane and watching it fly on breezes of a summer afternoon. I also hope you have not had the experience of sitting outside the principals office for flying one across the room with a message to your girlfriend.

May 28th      National Beef Burger Day

Dont serve me one of those Impossible Burgers.  I want a Jimmy Buffett Cheeseburger in Paradise” burger.  

May 30th      National Creativity Day

I really love this idea. Everyone I know is creative in some way. It really is fitting to celebrate your own personal National Creativity Day.  If we all spent more time creating and less time bitching, the world (and Lake Norman) would be a better place.

May 31st       National Smile Day

I hope the examples I chose made you reflect a little and, at least as importantly, made you smile!


  1. Thanks, Mick. Great one! I hope Christian’s next batch is successful. Next time you come this way, please try to bring us a bottle or two.

    So appropriate to follow Limerick Day with Decency day. Maybe that is at least some atonement.


    Mickey Dunaway posted: ” By Mickey Dunaway | Reprinted with Permission by Limitlesss Magazine | Cornelius, NC A Month of Celebrations? After more than a year of misery, it seemed May was just the right time for a little fun mingled with a bit of seriousness. I c”


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