I once told the students in one of my classes that a particular principal in the news was between a rock and hard place. Puzzled looks followed on the faces of many students—transplanted Yankees, I found out.   

I don’t know about you, my reader, but as the 2020 election approaches, this Conservative, like that principal is between a rock and hard place. 

I cannot, in good conscience, vote for Donald Trump. Based on what I see and read every day, had he worked for me, I would have fired him in his first week had he acted like his a jackass-self every day. I need not go into details, but he is the proverbial playground bully who never gets the payback he deserves because of who his daddy is or in Trump’s case because of how much he is worth. Wealth is not a disqualifier for President, but it is if you seem to use the office for your personal gain over the country’s welfare. 

Of the things he has done decently—Supreme Court, Economic Policy, China Policy, and I almost put immigration, but his everyday idiocy far outweighs them. Too much so for this voter.


I like Joe Biden.  I do. At least I liked him in the past. Running-for-president-Joe seems a different guy from Senator-Joe. 

“How?” You ask.

As a forgetful 73-year-old myself with arthritis and other ailments of age, Joe is closer to the caboose of the old age train than even I am. Crotchety-Joe is not the kind of person I am looking for to turn the country around after Trump-the-bully. At 73, I am still smart enough and resilient enough to continue to supervise research dissertations. I am. But not things do not come as quickly as they did at 65. 

Perhaps candidate-Joe sleeps better than I do, and maybe candidate-Joe doesn’t need to see a physician as often as I do. Is his hearing better? I hope so. I sure don’t want him to hear “fire and mistletoe” and think he heard “fire the missile” at his first Christmas! There are no small mistakes when you are President.

I am fearful that Biden, because he wants to be President so very much, will allow himself to be used by the far-left wing Democrats. That scares the bejeesus out of me. We will only know if this is the case when we know who Joe’s VP choice will be. And, it ain’t looking promising right now.  He will make a mistake that eliminates him as my choice if he chooses a VP for any reason other than she or he is capable of successfully leading the country if an old-dog president becomes ill halfway through his first term.

Please, Joe, don’t choose someone because of sex or race.  Choose because of the quality of character, depth of intellect, and a desire to serve EVERY American every day. 

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