Signs of the Quarantine

Oops! Seems that businesses, in general, failed to use the financial rule that has been recommended to families all my life: Put away six months cash in case of a CATASTROPHE!


Went to my orthopedic doc yesterday. BTW I also have a GP, a pain doc, a spine doc, a urologist, an audiologist, an ophthalmologist, and a dentist. Damn, it is hard to get old.

Anyway, on the way back from my ortho doc, I called my wife to ask if she needed anything from Costco since it was right on my way. When she answered my call, she was on the patio and told me that after having finished off the remains of one bottle of wine, she was into the second one. She suggested I stop by and get a couple more. I got half a case, just be sure.


We retired folks can quarantine just fine. Only difference for us is that we don’t get to eat out! To all my hard-working friends who are now into a forced retirement-like lifestyle: you need to learn to enjoy the time.

Refuse to feel guilty about sleeping late. 

Give yourself permission to take a nap (or two) every day with your significant others that might also include a dog or two! We old codgers know that naps are one of God’s great gifts. 

Walk the dog(s) twice a day or more. They will love you even more than they do already.

Work outside on the deck or the patio. Listen to the birds. Even better put up a feeder or two and enjoy the show that is really starting about right now every year.

Find a hobby and/or something meaningful that you will be able to continue after (if ever) this quarantine ends.

Use your computer to find (and cleanup) your watch list on all your streaming services. I have found that this really increases my enjoyment of streaming.

Finally, just remember that this quarantine is early prep for your retirement—a great time to find out how you can meaningfully spend your time when retirement time comes.


Stay safe. Be happy. Learn something you did not know before. Pray. Meditate. Slow down.

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