Videos for a Quarantine

A while ago, I posted a blog about some reviews of movies and videos. The only criterion for inclusion was that Sandy and I liked them! Same goes for version #2.

We thought all of the videos below— in alphabetical order—were worth our time. In other words, they were better than Scrabble or crosswords!

NameStoryline & InfoStreaming Service or App
1917Set in WWI. Two young British soldiers are sent on a mission to get a message to a regiment not to conduct an imminent future attack because the German withdrawal is just a trap. Fail to make it, and hundreds of Brits will be killed. The story is one misadventure after another in the mode of Saving Private Ryan.Movie Rental
Beecham HouseSet in Delhi, India, this is the story of a Brit who becomes disillusioned with the British East India Company and sets out on his own. He makes his fortune only to have his very prim and very British mother (is that an oxymoron?) arrive to try and makeover his life and the lives of the Indians who work for him. Lots of conflict between cultures (Indian, British, French) and characters.PBS Masterpiece This is a Sunday show but can be watched with a PBS Passport – a subscription well worth the money.
BloodAn Irish psychological crime thriller about family, and the impact the past can have on the present. Acorn TV subscription which can be purchased independently or through Amazon Prim
Danger CloseAustralia’s role in Viet Nam war. Specifically, the battle of La Drang in 1966. If you like We Were Soldiers with Mel Gibson, you will enjoy this one, too.Amazon Prime
HomelandThis last season mirrors the current state of affairs in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Scary.Showtime
MI-5 Known in the UK as Spooks, we are watching the series for our second time and enjoying as much as the first time. Best espionage drama—period! Be warned that the BBC kills off main characters regularly in all their series!Britbox Streaming, which you can subscribe to individually or through Amazon Prime. Excellent source for all things UK and Ireland
MidwayThe story of the crucial Battle of Midway that turned the war in the Pacific. Based on the true story and main characters based on real heroes.Outstanding special effects. Movie Rental
OzarkThis very dark story of gambling coming to Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. The story involves murder, drug lords, poppy fields in Missouri, and crooked FBI agents.  What more could you ask for?! Filmed on Lake Lanier, Georgia.Netflix
Red RockAn Irish crime drama set in the fictional seaside town of Red Rock near Dublin. Each episode was originally 30 minutes, so without commercials, it is about 20. I warn you: (1) You WILL get hooked! (2) Be sure to turn on subtitles so you can understand the lovely Irish brogues!Amazon Prime
Somewhere SouthNC chef, Vivian Howard, takes on a new project of digging deep into the roots of southern foods. The first show was on fried pies!PBS
The Story of God with Morgan FreemanThis three-season series is like the comparative religion class that you always wish that you had taken. You will leave this series changed spiritually.Netflix
Troop ZeroSet in rural 1970 Georgia, a group of elementary-school misfits band together to form their own troop of Birdie Scouts. Led by spunky outcast Christmas Flint, they infiltrate the high-and-mighty Birdie Scout youth group to win a talent show. Stars the wonderful Viola Davis and the funny Jim Gaffigan. One to watch with the kids and grandkids.Amazon Prime
WashingtonThe father of our country as you have never seen him.  A three-part series.History Channel

FYI: We subscribe to YouTube TV as the substitute for satellite or cable. Our streaming device is Apple TV, and we subscribe to Acorn TV, Britbox, Netflix, PBS, and Prime Video. Our other apps that are activated with the YouTube TV account are History Channel, ESPN, National Geographic, AMC, and BBC America. We rent movies generally from iTunes Movies or Amazon Prime.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Just finished Haven (si-fi; 5 seasons; Netflix) Need a new TV show to watch. I really liked “Closer” and “Father Brown.”


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