Today, I was back in my study, catching up on sports from the 1980s. Sandy was in the kitchen with Chloe, and Boomer was sitting in HIS chair in the den hunkered down, so Chloe didn’t seem him. He wasn’t playing. He was just asleep. Chloe couldn’t see him because two things never occurred to her, being a diva and all. 

She thought, “I have short legs and a petite body, and I cannot see over things. Therefore, I jump first, then look.”

Sound like a reckless strategy for a 35-pound, soon-to-be 10-year-old Brittany? You would be WRONG.

Chloe, being a short, petite, 35-pound, soon-to-be 10-year-old Brittany, is also a D-I-V-A, so why would she look where she jumped?

She will next time because she landed on Boomer, and he let DIVA-Chloe, who is also his mother, know in no uncertain terms that this chair had been HIS chair long before she arrived at this house.

Chloe got her feelings hurt and came to Sandy for some love. Was that a smirk on Boomer’s face as Sandy let out a big laugh heard back in my study?

Not much worrying about COVID-19 around here. Too busy.

Thanks, Boomer and Chloe, for giving a show every day!


  1. Enjoy hearing about your dogs. I love dogs, but after Maggie (who lived 16 1//2 years) I am living with my cat, Emmett, who Maggie raised from kitten hood. He is very doglike, is a good traveler, and keeps me company. I am at home in Louisville after traveling from AZ where my son Bob lives, and where I stay from around Thanksgiving to mid-March. I am hunkering down with the rest of the population and have enough to do to keep me busy for a long, long time. Keep safe. Keep writing. Donna


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