Angry Heavens ON SALE!

If you relate to my stories at Southern Exposures, you will surely enjoy my novel, Angry Heavens – a tale of the Civil War written from the perspective of a Southern author. It is the saga of a Confederate surgeon who, although he opposes slavery, joins the War to take care of the Southern boys who suffer the horrors of War. 

Since last fall’s release, Angry Heavens has provided me with a wealth of first-time experiences – small business owner, salesman, promoter, presenter, and one totally unexpected adventure – as a competitor with Amazon to sell my own books! 

Have you thought about purchasing a signed copy for yourself or a gift for a friend?  NOW is the time. A signed copy of Angry Heavens is now available at a 27% discount over the original price of $36.30 and $2.52 less than Amazon’s current price, including tax from Happy Dog Books, my online bookstore.You can now purchase a personally signed copy Angry Heavens by contacting me personally at Happy Dog Books at

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