You took my Cookie. Did Not.

I have been trying to write this blog for a week.  Every time I watch the news, I get pissed. I am sick of all the childish behavior going on in D.C. 

Dems: Did too. 

Repubs: Did not. 

Dems: Did too.

Repubs: Prove it.

Dems: Everybody knows it’s true.

And … on and on and on, they go tearing the country apart.  


Amid the foolishness, I decided I would write down a few things that I think I know and don’t know.

  1. There was squishy, yucky stuff going on during the 2016 election
    • I don’t know if it influenced the election, and as far as I can determine, neither does anyone else.

  2. The big-city liberals (BCLs) are pissed that the rest of us country folks did not give a crap about their highfalutin socialistic philosophies
    • They do not understand still that we countryfolk were scared shitless that the BCLs were going to give away our hard-earned money to a bunch of ne’er-do-wels, and as far as I can determine, we still feel that way.

  3. I love the state of Kentucky from its cornfields to its horses, from its Appalachian hills to its golden elixirs, but I have had enough of Mitch McConnell. 
    • Damn, Senator, compromise every now and then for the sake of us commoners out here in the hinterlands. 
    • Hellfire, you are going to win the impeachment fight in the Senate. In the meantime, how about doing some governing. 

  4. I don’t like Nancy Pelosi any more than Mitch. But I don’t hate her either. 
    • I don’t even hate what she stands for; I am just glad she is not my grandmother. 
    • Nan, I think a good compromise here, and there might help relax all those plastic surgery stress lines and bring your eyebrows back down a bit. 

  5. I don’t believe that “Nancy and the Democrats” (sounds like a 50’s rock group!) have some evil desire to wreck our country.
    • That is just B.S., and most of you who pass on those ugly, hateful, and false news stories know it, too.
    • I worry that so many “Christians” so easily bear false witness on Facebook about Ms. Pelosi. Could you really go into court and swear that what you pass along is true? Have you checked?
    • I do think her ideas for government are just to the left of Finland.

  6. Everything Liberal is not the answer. Everything Conservative is not the answer.
    • Making one view right and the opposing one wrong is a formula to assure that the Russians and Chinese dominate the free world.
    • Conservatives and Liberals are needed to balance each other’s ideas … but respectfully. Not like middle schoolers.
    • Back when I was a Baptist growing up in Wilmer, Alabama, we kids were preached to that it was baaaad to date a Catholic! Geeez!

  7. The Constitution will protect us and guide us if we let it. 
    • On any issue, we citizens should ask: “What does the Constitution say?” That is a good starting place. 
    • However, the Constitution does not answer every question. That is why the third branch of government, the court system, is so important. It really is not hard these days to research Supreme Court decisions. My favorite site to do that is You can have lots of fun on that site. It is not for lawyers, but for the rest of us.

That’s it. All I got for today. 


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