Best Streaming Videos November 20, 2019

I have been wanting to do this blog for a long time. I am not a critic. Don’t intend to be. I am just here to tell you about what we have been watching recently – shows that that we tend to come back to time and again. No politics here. Just uncomplicated and straightforward opinions about videos I have found entertaining … or not! This time out, it is just what struck my fancy. If you agree or disagree, I hope you will share your thoughts in the comments section.





The Crown

So enjoyable. This is the third season, and last night I watched episode 2 of season 3. Just outstanding writing and acting. New cast members for this season as Queen Elizabeth and the supporting members of the house of Windsor age. If anything, the new cast is even better than seasons 1 and 2.

Do not miss the limerick contest between Princess Margaret and Lyndon Johnson. Comedic genius!

The LetDown

A comedy from down under and a good one. The story a group of new mothers and fathers coping (sometimes) with a firstborn. Most of us have been there, and going back brings back funny, if not fond memories. Stars Noni Hazlehurst (an Aussie stalwart) who leads the group toward accepting that their lives are changed forever. 


A Netflix Original series with new 20-45 minute episodes that seek to explain the unexplainable – like the real story of pirates, fake meat, pandemics, and cults, among other things. Just long enough to keep you interested without being bored by the science nerds. Nice graphics help explain the hard stuff. 

Peaky Blinders

The Peaky Blinders were a gang of gypsy underworld gangsters/ex-soldiers who returned after WWI to Birmingham, England’s grimy inner city. Led by Tommy Shelby, the gang controls most of the inner-city, rising to wealth and political prominence. Down and dirty and bloody, but so very, very interesting. Modeled after the actual Peaky Blinkers who rose to prominence in the 1890s. Peaky Blinker refers to the razor blades the place in the bills of their caps, which were then slung at the faces of enemies, blinding and disfiguring with cuts from the razor blades.

The Greatest Events of WWII in Color

Sounds like when Ted Turner tried to colorize all the old black and white movies, doesn’t it?! Trust, colorizing has come a long way, that is not the key to this series narrated by consummate British actor Derek Jacobi. The ten-part series should be shown in every American History class! For those who got nothing from history except names and dates, this is a jewel to behold.



The Good Karma Hospital

Set in the fictional small seaside town of Barco in south India, this medical drama in the underfunded small Good Karma Hospital.   At times it will make you rejoice at the humanity it portrays, and others make you question why you have not yet traveled to this beautiful and colorful country of gentle people. In its third season, it is one of my favorite shows. I just hope it continues.

The Time of Our Lives

This is an Australian ensemble drama about a large family growing, aging, and changing. Three seasons were not enough!

A Place to Call Home

This is not a new drama, but it is this week’s Acorn staff pick, and I agree. In fact, the series has run its course. In my limited opinion, it is the finest Aussie drama one can find on streaming. The only thing I can compare it to is Downton Abbey. It is every bit as good. 

And that is not a bad place. Having a night when you just cannot find a show to strike your fancy? Bond. James Bond will almost always hit the spot no matter how many times you have seen them.

City Homicide

A solid crime drama set in Melbourne that gets better with each episode, and there are a bunch of episodes. Noni Hazlehurst stars again, with an excellent supporting cast.

Helicopter ER

I don’t watch a lot of reality TV, but this is hard to ignore. Set in the Yorkshire area of England, it is hard to ignore the job that the medical helicopters do in this generally remote area of Britain. 


An outstanding police procedural drama set in Brighton and the surrounding area of Sussex. Each episode presents the viewer with multiple dramas within the larger story of a veteran officer who is mentoring the boss’s son in his first action.

Durrells in Corfu

Whatever you do, do not miss this enchanting comedy set on the island of Corfu, Greece, just before the outbreak of WWII. Based on a true story and starring the ever-lovely Keely Hawes as the mother of a rambunctious family trying to start over after the patriarch died and left them little funds. Four children – each more unique than the next navigate – the new setting for their lives – experiences that will set the courses for their future lives. Based on the true story from Gerald Durrell My Family and Other Animals.

Country Music

This Ken Burns documentary is the best of all his work. The power of Country Music; its roots among America’s diverse people makes in America’s Music!


Death in Paradise

What downright bit of escapism this delightful British and French collaboration is. You can all but the most recent season on NETFLIX, and I really hope you will. Lots of murders on the small Caribbean Island of St. Marie, but no gratuitous violence – just a modern version of Agatha Christie’s delightful murder mystery formula.

Hercule Poirot 

You can find this adaptation for TV in lots of places, but BritBox has them all. It might be a good enough reason to subscribe! Nothing like a good Hercule Poirot mystery when there seems there is nothing worth watching!

I think that is enough for a while. Next time I think I will go back and take a look at more shows that keep us coming back. Until then, binge, or spread your favorite videos out a little and at a time so they last longer! Whatever suits your fancy, cutting cord gives you control of what you want to watch, and that is very cool!

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