Mornings with Boomer and Chloe

Every morning like clockwork at 6:30 a.m. Boomer and Chloe start stirring and rattling their kennel by the bed – they sleep in a kennel only slightly smaller than a Honda Odyssey. The Brittanys’ morning routine begins. They wake ready for a bowl of Costco’s best – Kirkland Organic Grain-free and a morning hunt. Brittanys never just walk – they always hunt. If we are lucky, we will see them stalk, and if we are very fortunate, we will see that very magical of dog behaviors – the point. Might be a bird or squirrel under a feeder. Might be a rabbit eating new grass. Sometimes it is just a leaf twisting and turning on the fall morning breezes.

Soon, I make my way into the kitchen to find my protein drink breakfast and take my morning meds. As I finish, Boomer walks over to the hallway leading to the garage where his and Chloe’s leases hang.  If I don’t move fast enough, he will stand next to them and give me the stink-eye for good measure

Chloe has not yet learned the stink-eye. Perhaps because she is a genteel, lady Brittany. Boomer uses it to get my attention for his dinner, when he wants to go to the back yard, and especially for bedtime. The bedtime stink-eye is the saddest thing you ever have seen. The best I can describe it is that it is like he has lost his very best friend. He is so depressed he just wants to get in the bed, which is in the locked bedroom, so he must stand in the hall and give me his best browbeaten, downtrodden, broken stink-eye. Of course, he will repeat it the next night! 

Back to mornings.  If I tarry lacing up my walking shoes, Boomer will start to turn in circles and. He tells me, I am totally sure, that it is way past time for the morning walk. Nowadays, he has even taught the routine to Chloe – especially if she does not get leashed up first.

When Boomer, Chloe, and Sandy, I walk cement trails and concrete byways of Baileys Glen Active Retirement Community, we also work on obedience training. None of these long retractable leashes for Boomer. He walks on a six-foot leather leash that he inherited from Coal, our 120-pound Black Lab who, like Boomer, turned heads when he walked. 

Boomer is only 38 pounds, but somehow this leash is just right for him, too. Just long enough to let him stalk a killdeer, but short enough to keep him at my left heel when I call him to heel – just where all good dogs walk. 

Chloe has a pink and teal collar and leash (also a six-footer). Don’t mistake Miss Chloe as some girly-girl Britany. No sir! That would be appropriate as she is right now sitting in Sandy’s lap. When Chloe hits the sidewalk, she is a working dog. Birds and dog show trophies beware! And when she walks with Boomer, there is only one top dog. Come to think of it, she is a bit of a diva when on her walk or showing Boomer how real bird dogs hunt in our postage stamp backyard! 

Human-dog partnerships are beyond my understanding. I just enjoy the companionship and laugh at the antics. The world could use a lot of both these days – it seems to me.

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