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In Defense of Men

Alright, I freely admit that I do not wash the family clothes as often as my wife and certainly as often as I should. But after all, there are all those dainty lady-things that I could mess up and face the penalty of being banned from the bedchamber. ………. Thank you to all my wonderful mother-wife-friends who let me know about all those commercial products that 100% of the time will remove stains from bacon grease to motor oil. I know about those … well, generally, at least. Around our house,… Read more In Defense of Men

No More Grease Spots!

As I used to do with brand new neckties, I now do with my favorite shirts.  I think you know where I am going here. That of never eating a meal without getting a grease spot on a shirt or pair of pants—that is me! Or at least it was me, until last week. For the longest time, I have pondered on why those greasy spots on my shirts defy all efforts to clean them. I pretreat them the same night I soil them. Yes, I know about pretreating. Works sometimes.… Read more No More Grease Spots!

Another Sign of the Apocalypse. We ARE Out of Dark Chocolate.

My wife sent me on a mission to Trader Joes who has notoriously good dark chocolate at a typically low Trader Joes price. She gave me the go-ahead to purchase some Orange Chicken and some Cauliflower Gnocchi. These are two of our go-tos we like to have in the freezer – especially at pandemic time. Several years ago, Trader Joes stores were only in the far eastern and western U.S., and the only time a Southerner found one was in the Consumer Reports ratings of grocery stores where TJs always was rated in the top three. One… Read more Another Sign of the Apocalypse. We ARE Out of Dark Chocolate.