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We Are in The Age of Dogma

One person shares an opinion with others and perhaps it is a legitimate idea. If that opinion becomes held as a good and true belief by a group, and the group codifies it, it becomes doctrine.  If the group accepts that doctrine as the authority, it becomes dogma. Republican dogma. Democrat dogma. NRA dogma. Islamic dogma. Christian right dogma. Christian left dogma. Jewish dogma. Palestinian dogma. Politically correct dogma. Capitalist dogma. Socialist dogma.  Gun control dogma. Abortion dogma. We are in the age of dogma, and it seems that truth is merely a… Read more We Are in The Age of Dogma


Have you seen this Facebook post or something like it? How true is it? Below, I pose some typical questions about the law and provide answers from my experiences as a high school principal of a dozen years, and as a professor of school law for thirteen. I have tried to provide a balanced set of questions – they are all questions based on real experiences – most of them mine!  I know many of the answers may not make many of the readers happy. Still, the responses are not… Read more MUSLIMS ALLOWED TO PRAY IN SCHOOLS, BUT CHRISTIANS AREN’T

Mornings with Boomer and Chloe

Every morning like clockwork at 6:30 a.m. Boomer and Chloe start stirring and rattling their kennel by the bed – they sleep in a kennel only slightly smaller than a Honda Odyssey. The Brittanys’ morning routine begins. They wake ready for a bowl of Costco’s best – Kirkland Organic Grain-free and a morning hunt. Brittanys never just walk – they always hunt. If we are lucky, we will see them stalk, and if we are very fortunate, we will see that very magical of dog behaviors – the point. Might be… Read more Mornings with Boomer and Chloe

Going Back to My Roots

Last Sunday, in a nondescript building with a Dunaway Reunion Coca-Cola sign draped across the front, just yards from Murder Creek bridge, in the small dying Alabama town of my birth, I returned to my Dunaway-family roots.  And, I am especially glad that Sandy and I made the ten-hour trip from North Carolina. It has been several years since we last made the trip, but as I stepped across the threshold, the years of my absences faded away.  Remember when you missed Sunday School and church one week, and that stretched into… Read more Going Back to My Roots

Stealing Apples

  I wrote this story some years ago at the death of our black Labrador, Kentucky Coal Dust. Since the fateful day of his death, my wife, Sandy, and I talk about Coal almost every day. Such is the impact of precious canine family members. When Coal left us, he left us with many lessons over his ten years. However, I want to focus on his very last day on earth, so on with the story Coal was lovable, perennially a puppy as Labs tend to be even well into old age,… Read more Stealing Apples

Country-bred Commonsense

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. We didn’t wash each other’s feet, but we did do the whole dunking routine.  In retrospect, the Methodists, down the street, were much more for civilized with their sprinkling! Not ones symbolism, we went for the full-contact baptism. Our family was the poster family for being in church anytime the doors were open. Sunday. Wednesday. Budget meetings. Funerals. And, especially revivals. That all said, my parents (to my everlasting thankfulness) kept their country-bred common sense.  Growing up in south Alabama, Baptists railed against… Read more Country-bred Commonsense