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The Frosty Morning and the Bean Boots

By Bill Dunaway Introduction by Mickey Dunaway I have often written about the importance of memories, and when one just turned 76, writing those memories down for the younger generations becomes even more important. In the December 2022 Garden and Gun, the southern man of words, James Lee Burke, a frequent contributor, blessed all Southerners with another column filled with memorable metaphors and similes that no one uses quite as well as he does.   At 85, James Lee Burke is still writing every day.  His latest story is filled with memories from growing… Read more The Frosty Morning and the Bean Boots

The Amazins of 2002

By Mickey Dunaway The last four games of this forgetful Auburn football season and how one native Auburn son turned the gloom into glory even with a record of 5-6 is uniquely Auburn.  This year’s Cadillac-turnaround actually began in November 1972, and here is the story. ~~~~~~~~ It was second-ranked Alabama and ninth-ranked Auburn playing the tenth and final regular season game at Alabama’s “home turf” of Birmingham’s Legion Field.  Alabama was 9-0, and Auburn was 8-1, losing only to LSU in Baton Rouge. No TV for this game back in 1972.  Seventy-two… Read more The Amazins of 2002