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The Revival and the Homecoming Dance

Religion was easy at our house. A blessing before every meal. My brother, Bill, still says the same prayer that Daddy always said. Not sure why I never learned it. Bit of a rebel, I guess. The second thing about religion at our house was that if the church doors were open at Wilmer First Baptist, we were in our pew.  I don’t remember too much about the sermons from those days.   However, two things have stuck with me all my life. We were taught in Training Union on Sunday… Read more The Revival and the Homecoming Dance

I am 73. I have a doctorate from Auburn University. I taught for 14 years as a professor in the UNCC College of Education, achieving tenure and emeritus status. I… Read more

Denigration of “C” Students

My 7th Grade English Teacher, Mrs. Willie Ford – God Bless her grammar-loving soul – used to tell us frequently that Abe Lincoln said, “God must love the common man – he made so many of them.” And then she paraphrased it a little by saying, God must love the “C” – he made so many of them.”  She was not denigrating the “C” student. Far from it. She was promoting that grade as a very acceptable grade. Every teacher and every administrator and every legislator needs to read this little… Read more Denigration of “C” Students