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The Rest of The Story

Almost two weeks ago, I got a message from a dear friend asking if I would be willing to adopt her precious nine-year-old Brittany, Chloe. She and her husband experiencing life’s difficulties where they just could not give Chloe the attention and love she had always known. No need for the reasons – they are reasons that will affect most of us. LET’S JUMP BACK FIVE YEARS IN THIS STORY. After we filled out an application to potentially acquire Boomer – we had to demonstrate some high standards of dog… Read more The Rest of The Story

The Fetus and the Honey Bee

Perhaps you saw this headline last week: The Bee Is Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet by the Science Times ( My Southern mind’s first thought was, How nice, which is a euphemism for bless your heart to all you folks at the Science Times. I do really like bees, and I agree that they are really one of the most important species in our world. Then my Southern mind’s conservative thinking frontal lobe took over, and I asked myself, Really?  Which is a euphemism for “What the …?”  Although, I try to use scientific reasoning in most… Read more The Fetus and the Honey Bee

25 Things Parents Would like School People to Know

Are you a parent who dreads talking with a teacher about your child?Or are you a teacher who dreads talking with a parent about a child. this blog is for you! I used my almost thirty years of dealing with both, and I composed the list below hopefully to make the whole process much easier My child is not a number, a score, or a statistic. I want a great education for my child even if I did not care about it when I was in school. I trust you… Read more 25 Things Parents Would like School People to Know