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You took my Cookie. Did Not.

I have been trying to write this blog for a week.  Every time I watch the news, I get pissed. I am sick of all the childish behavior going on in D.C.  Dems: Did too.  Repubs: Did not.  Dems: Did too. Repubs: Prove it. Dems: Everybody knows it’s true. And … on and on and on, they go tearing the country apart.   __________ Amid the foolishness, I decided I would write down a few things that I think I know and don’t know. There was squishy, yucky stuff going on during the 2016 election I don’t… Read more You took my Cookie. Did Not.

The Stolen Youth of Greta Thunberg

I spent than 30 years working with teenagers.  I love high school kids and all their growing pains that minute by minute governs their lives. I love highflyers, but no more than the kids who battle to reach graduation. I don’t like what I see happening to eco-wunderkind Greta Thunberg, and I wonder, is she being manipulated? Children don’t see through the manipulation. Ask pedophiles.  I don’t disagree with Greta’s message. I disagree with the eco-forces using her blonde innocence to promote their message. In all her time on the world… Read more The Stolen Youth of Greta Thunberg