Old Goat Takes on the Movies

Let me introduce this essay with, yes, I know I am an old goat! 

However, this old goat does not have virgin ears nor am I repulsed by nudity or language if either or both are used appropriately to carry the script forward. However, I am offended by the use of gratuitous language, nudity, and especially by the sight of bodily elimination. Language and nudity have been a Hollywood staple for decades, but it seems that it has only been in the last 15-20 years that the depiction of the elimination of bodily byproducts has for some reason become de riguer by Hollywood types with a camera. 

“OK. Why are you writing this now?” Perhaps you are asking yourself. Good question that I asked myself before I started. This past weekend my wife and I rented and watched Ford vs. Ferrari. What a movie! Best I have seen in years. Yes, in years. Superb acting by everyone. Great script based on a true story. Lots of action – a few car crashes, and tragedy at the end.  Know what it did not have? Profanity! I think “shit” was the only example. An every f**k was nowhere to be heard. 

My enjoyment of this fine example of movie making led me to the question of this essay: why can’t others do the same. The budget for the movie was $97.6 million and the world wide box office take was $225.3 million. 

Below are couple of examples of recent television and streaming releases that really left me steaming, and thus this rant.



Below is an example of language purely inserted for shock value in the Prime movie Hunters. God, I hope not all teens and young adults talk this way. Geez, I wonder where was the “Me Too Movement?” when this movie came out. Should they not be protesting the objectification of women as sexual animals. 

Dialogue from Hunters starring Al Pacino

Three late male teens (or early 20s) are sitting at a café on a boardwalk and rating girls as they walk by.

Girl in bikini walks by

1st Friend: Jane. 

2nd Friend: Jane, yep.

After two more girls walk by with same response, an overweight girl in one-piece swimsuit walks by

1st Friend: Tarzan

2nd Friend: Definitely Tarzan

1st Friend: Chewbacca howl

A 3rd Friend joins them and asks, “What you cocks spazzing about?” 

1st Friend: Oh, well, we call “Jane” if we think the chicks squish mittens are trimmed. Then “Tarzan,” if it looks like her, uh, Hairy Manilow’s an all-out pube jungle.

3rd Friend: You guys are idiots

The pertinent question: Were boys on the boardwalk verbally demeaning women who walked by really essential to a plot about a NY Nazi killer? Nope. So, I quit watching at that point.



These days, human bodily functions are all the rage in Hollywood and wherever made-for-television shows are made. 

  • Every show nowadays has a bathroom scene 
  • Men at urinals urinating are the favorite
    • Problem is, men do not talk to other men while standing at the urinal?
  • Recently, we have to watch women sitting on the commode and wiping themselves after unrinating.
    • Hell, I don’t watch that at home.



George Washington on the History Channel

I was watching the History channel documentary on George Washington last night, and sure enough, not surprisingly, there was some colonial army soldier pissing out in the open as Washington walked by.

OK, everyone has to urinate – some of old goats more than others! – but is there a logical reason that it must be exploited by movie makers? I am not suggesting that everything should be a Disney Princess story, and I am not too old to enjoy a little nudity, but what I would really like is a good script with good acting. That usually does it for me.


By the way Ford vs. Ferrari was rated PG. Imagine that. A movie for adults that made significant profits. Please take notice Hollywood – there are a lot of us old goats out here!


  1. Mickey,
    Ford vs Ferrari was a great movie. The best in 2019. Hollywood will forever believe that the mainstream public enjoys seeing sex and violence because they do. Another great film was Midway and Little Women but had little notice by the awards season.


  2. Hi Mickey
    Your right Ford vs Ferrari was great so much so that my wife Stacey and Daughter Dianne loved it too.
    How about that no vulgarity or sex scenes. How refreshing
    Thanks for the review
    Ernie D


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